March 2021 in Meet Your Neighbours

For the past four years, Caroline Springs RSL Sub Branch has supported selected students from Lakeview Senior College, Caroline Springs, to attend the annual Lord and Lady Somers Camps.

Held alongside the beach in the beautiful natural landscape of Somers, 90 kms south east of Melbourne, the camps offer fantastic opportunities for young people to develop their leadership skills, courage and persistence. They build friendships and learn invaluable skills and strategies that can be applied directly in their academic and personal lives when they return home.

March 2021 in Meet Your Neighbours

“I knew when we saw the block - I could visualise exactly what it was going to look like and how nice it was going to be and I just knew this was the one!”

Peter Jovanovic fondly recounts the moment he and fiancé, Carrie Lee, found the perfect block of land to build their home, and their future together, at Modeina.

However building a new home was not originally part of the ‘big picture’.

October 2020 in Meet Your Neighbours

Local business is at the heart of every community and we are incredibly fortunate to have so many great businesses so close to Modeina!

Now, more than ever, we need to support our local businesses, so each month we are going to profile a small business from our neighbourhood and nearby areas.

This month, we shine a light on Yes Yes Indian Grocery and talk to owner, Smitha…

When did Yes Yes Indian Grocery open in Burnside Hub and why did you choose this area to open your business?

August 2020 in Meet Your Neighbours

When we first met Alain Nguyen and his wife Simone in 2015, they were excited to be building their first home in Modeina. Fast forward to 2020 and they are about to commence building their second home in Modeina – a double-storey home to accommodate their growing family!

“Now that we have two boys, aged five and two, we decided that we would like to upgrade to a bigger block and a larger home,” Alain shares. “But actually doing this in the middle of a pandemic certainly made everything a bit more stressful!”

April 2020 in Meet Your Neighbours

All over the world, teddy bears have begun appearing in front gardens and windows and chalk rainbows have been materialising on suburban pathways, creating fun and adventure for little people in their neighbourhoods.

It is just one of the imaginative ways that communities are maintaining a sense of social connection despite social distancing during COVID-19 restrictions.

April 2020 in Meet Your Neighbours
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