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Modeina Peter’s perfect vision of the future

March 2021 in Meet Your Neighbours

“I knew when we saw the block - I could visualise exactly what it was going to look like and how nice it was going to be and I just knew this was the one!”

Peter Jovanovic fondly recounts the moment he and fiancé, Carrie Lee, found the perfect block of land to build their home, and their future together, at Modeina.

However building a new home was not originally part of the ‘big picture’.

“We were looking to buy an existing house overlooking a lake in the Caroline Springs area,” he explains. “It was a good location for us because of our lifestyle, but the houses we were looking at just didn’t seem to have the value we were looking for.”

The couple decided to visit a display home to make some comparisons.

“Carrie wasn’t keen on the idea of building our own home until we visited the display,” Peter continues. “We realised we could get exactly what we wanted, with the extras, if we built our own home.”

This discovery broadened the scope of their search and led them to Modeina.

“A mate of mine built in Modeina a few years ago and he told us there was some land available down the road from him.”

The rest is now history.

“I think we were the best customers Boran [Modeina’s Sales Consultant] could have possibly hoped for. We took one look at the block and paid the deposit straight away!” Peter laughs.

Peter, who owns a remote-control hobby shop (“big boys toys!”) in Campbellfield, and Carrie, who manages a cosmetics business in Glenroy, plan to build a double storey home from Mimosa Homes.

“The layout was perfect. Spacious, homely, especially the kitchen and dining room. It felt like this was the right next step. I just felt like this was my home!”

“My brother works at Mimosa Homes, so that was an added incentive,” Peter reveals.

Buying in Modeina was not Peter’s first foray into the property market. He has grown a small portfolio of investment properties since he purchased his first apartment in Werribee. The pair currently live in the apartment Peter purchased in Caroline Springs before he and Carrie met, which they plan to retain as an additional investment.

“It’s a really nice apartment and was perfect when I bought it for myself. Then I met Carrie and we are ready now for the next stage.”

With Kororoit Creek running along the back of their property and the park with a playground and BBQ area less than 50 metres away, Peter and Carrie will have a beautiful outlook from their new home. Peter is clearly excited about the prospect of raising a family in this location and, as a savvy investor, he also has an eye to the future value of the property.

“I don’t know the community at the estate that well yet, but there are schools, parks, basketball rings and lots of social activities, and it’s a nice family-oriented area. I know we could raise a family here.”

“I can also see the property continuing to gain worth – I like to know there is value in anything I do.”

“I think buying in Modeina is a smart investment – the rapid rate the land sells is indicative of how valuable it is.”

Despite making his job very easy, Peter is full of praise for Boran’s assistance with finalising the land purchase.

“Even though Boran didn’t actually need to do anything to secure the sale, he made the whole buying process very easy,” Peter shares. “Finalising the deposit and contract didn’t even take an hour out of our day! Even if it hadn’t been an easy sale for him, I’m sure he would have been great.”

Peter’s sights are now set firmly on the future. With the land due to title late in 2021, the couple are preparing everything to ensure construction commences quickly after the land is titled and hope to move into their home by mid 2022.

“We need to get construction out of the way ASAP because we have a wedding to plan!” Peter exclaims.