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Winter Wellness in the home

May 2020 in Design Inspiration

We all look forward to retreating to our homes from the busyness and chaos of the world. Your home should provide an opportunity to unwind and offer you an environment of calm to enhance your wellbeing and happiness.

It’s important to feel connected and calm within our homes and these quick and easy decorating tips with have you on the road to creating a space for optimal wellness.

Chaos to calm

A space works best when there is little distraction or opportunity for overwhelm. The easiest way to achieve this is to declutter and find a home for most items. Use baskets, trays or decorative boxes to keep items organised on coffee tables and open spaces, group items on bookshelves and tidy rooms as you finish in the space will make you feel in control and calm.

Look at each room and what it needs to achieve

Each space needs to work for those using the room. Consider such things as the furniture design, soft furnishing, lighting and plants.

A well-inhabited family room utilised by adults and children needs to provide a comfortable, functional and relaxing space for all, so consider items such as leather couches and easy care furnishings, which can be easily cleaned and maintained without stress. Incorporating smaller spaces to breakout, work or read is always a great inclusion into a larger format room. Layering the area with additional soft lamps, rugs, throws and plants gives the room a sense of style and personality.

On the other hand in a bedroom where you want to unwind for the day and calm your mind, you might look at soft tones and lines, calm lighting and plenty of extra layers such as luxe bedding, soft window treatments and a cosy chair to escape from the rest of the home for a cuppa and a quiet read. A favourite plant or flower on the bedside table will

Connect with the outside

Bringing nature into a home, be it with a beautiful floral arrangement or some easy care pot plants scattered throughout ensures your home has a sense of peace. Use greenery from the garden and pop some in a vase to create texture and depth in a space.

Opening doors or windows and letting in the sun, the fresh air or the sounds of nature engulf a room also grounds and calms.

Be guided by your senses

A beautiful scent, a favourite print or some music will instantly deliver calmness and positivity into a space and mind.

A diffuser running in the home allows you to mix up a scent depending on your needs, find an essential oil that resonates with you and gives you a sense of happiness, or one that provides you with an energy boost when needed.

Surround yourself with a few prints or photos which evokes a positive emotion and provide a sense of happiness you can lean into. This goes for music as well; find or make a playlist you enjoy and have this running in the background will automatically lift your spirits.