Winter Bedding: The Best Choice For The Colder Seasons

May 2024 in Design Inspiration

With the new season comes an opportunity to switch up the bedding in your home, opting for cooler, earthy tones to suit the vibe of the temperature!

But, what fabrics are best suited when the nights become colder?

Linen is often used throughout the summer months, but it can be used during winter as it is warmer than the common cotton sheets that most households use.

Flannelette are soft and cosy to the touch and hold more heat so they are a great option, but it is always best to opt for the fabric that feels right for your skin and your body temperature.

Your thread count is also important, and that determines the weight of your sheets and doona, so the higher the thread count the better the sheets will be for winter. A common misconception with thread count is that is determines the quality of the sheets, which is infact incorrect!

You can also mix and match your bedding fibres! For example you may like the softness of flannelette as your base sheet (fitted sheet) but prefer a lighter top sheet so you can manage the temperature slightly better.

Whatever you choose, there are so many beautiful fabrics that you can switch out during the year to make for a more comfortable sleep!