Third time lucky for Christmas Lights winners

December 2019 in Events & Local Area

Congratulations to Darren and Anastasia Gauci on being judged as the winners of Modeina’s spectacular Christmas Lights competition for 2019.


It was a case of ‘third time lucky’ for the Darren and Anastasia, who reside in Belvedere Crescent.


“We’ve come third for the past two years and wanted to go all out to take out the big prize this year,” Darren explains.


Along with a cheque for $1500 for their efforts, the family enjoyed the nightly visitors dropping by to take photographs of their home.


Darren reveals that it took four to five days to set up their impressive lighting display.


“Each time I thought I was finished my wife would arrive with more lights!” he says.


Darren believes it was the inclusion of blow-up displays and background music that made the difference and gave his home the winning edge this year.


Is there a healthy competitive spirit when it comes to Christmas lighting in Modeina?


“I think so,” Darren suggests. “Everyone keeps things pretty secret until the last minute – the big reveal!”


And what about plans for lighting up Christmas 2020?


“Planning is well under way but I’m keeping it under wraps!”


Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s competition. There were many impressive displays on show which made awarding the prizes a difficult decision for the judges.