A Place to Call Home: 4 Easy Ways to Turn a House into a Home

in Design Inspiration

Starting another chapter of your life in a new address is always exciting, but settling down and getting used to the new place comes with its share of roadblocks. After all, turning a house into a home is not always easy.

To help make your transition a little bit easier, we’ve listed a few simple ways to cosy up your new residence and turn that house into a home you’ll definitely love.

Love thy Neighbour

Don’t be a stranger in the community. Go ahead and introduce yourself to the neighbours, and make friends with them. Here at Modeina, we’re proud to say that everybody is welcome. When you’re new to our community, you will never feel unwelcome or out of place.

Making friends with the neighbours gives you a sense of security that when something wrong happens and you need help, they’ll be there for you.

Design Your Own

A good way to make your new house cosier is to put your stamp on it through the furniture, decors, trinkets, and design.

While you’re not yet used to your new surroundings, try to keep things as simple as possible and then slowly add your own style. Put up photos with family and friends, and other personal trinkets. Seeing familiar places and things that evoke certain happy memories is a great way to make you feel at home.

Put Up a Personal Spot

Dedicate one part of your new house as a space for an activity you love. Whether it’s yoga, working out, drinking tea or coffee, or reading, an area where you can just relax and do what you love makes the house more valuable for you.

Take it Easy

Don’t rush into settling down and getting used to your new place. New memories and personal belongings to display will help, but these things will take time.

Get some souvenirs from your vacations and bring out gifts from friends. These are always better than some hastily bought decors you picked up in a local flea market. Forcing yourself to love the house in a short time could make you hate it altogether.

Home is where the heart is, as they say. Make sure your new home is something you’ll love by making it as cosy and welcoming as possible.

Get in touch with us and we’ll make your dream home a reality.