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Note of thanks

in Construction

Thank you to everyone in the Modeina community for your patience while we awaited the planning permit from the City of Melton Council to develop the remainder of the estate. 

We appreciate that there were many people who wanted to make their home here during the period when we have been unable to release any land for sale, but the recent issuing of the permit allows us to now proceed with the remaining development.

This is great news for everyone and happily we can now look forward to commencing the delivery of the balance of the estate.

We have commenced the tender process for the construction of roads and services for the initial stages of the new development and aim to start construction around the end of September. Part of these works include landscaping for the extension of the existing Reserve in Dominion Road which will more than double in size when completed.

As this issue of your newsletter highlights, there is much more taking place at Modeina that gives cause for celebration and assures a bright future for the local. community. This includes the State budget funding for the construction of the local primary school, along with Council's upcoming plans to extend the Burnside Children's and Community Centre and undertake road and bridge works to extend Westwood Drive.

I am certain the details on these initiatives contained within this publication will be welcomed by all. 

Bert Dennis, OAM Founding Chairman - Dennis Family Corporation