Kingswim Caroline Springs

September 2023 in Events & Local Area

Have fun, make friends, and learn new skills this spring by joining one of the exciting aquatic programs at Kingswim Caroline Springs. Located around five minutes from Modeina, Kingswim offers swimming lessons for adults and children from twelve weeks old.

Swimming classes for children are available at all ages, providing foundational skills for babies to competitive opportunities for adolescents. At the foundational level, babies learn guided by parents before graduating to lessons at the independent level undertaken with a qualified swimming instructor, and finally to the graduate stage and in the pool by themselves.

Looking for a challenge? Kingswim’s Fast Track School Holiday Swimming Program is a four-day intensive opportunity designed to teach young children essential water survival skills. The Fast Track program is only available in the September school holidays.

Water safety is essential for Australians of all ages, which is why Kingswim also offers lessons for adults at three levels:

  • Basic: For adults with minor or no previous swimming experience.
  • Intermediate: A great option for adults looking to improve their skills.
  • Advanced: Ideal for swimmers aiming to refine their techniques and endurance.

Aquatic exercise (also known as Aquacise) is a safe and approachable opportunity for pregnant women and the elderly, as well as for rehabilitation. Not only does it help to maintain body mass, but it also burns calories at a higher rate than land-based movement. Kingswim Aquacise is conducted in a high-energy, group environment.

Whether you’re looking to protect your kids around the water as summer approaches or rediscover a past hobby, get in touch with Kingswim Caroline Springs and learn more about their programs by visiting the website.