Join the Game, Set, and Match with Caroline Springs Tennis Club!

July 2023 in Events & Local Area
Join the Game, Set, and Match with Caroline Springs Tennis Club!

Whether you are looking for a new form of exercise or just a great new hobby for anyone of any age, get involved in the local community and join the Caroline Springs Tennis Club! Open to all members, the club provides a safe and accepting location for players of all skill levels the opportunity to enjoy tennis and make lasting connections.


Lessons for children aged three to sixteen are available at the club through iTennis Coaching Academy. If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, why not sign them up for a competition to test their skills against an avid competitor? Junior and men’s competitions are available year-round.


Book a private tennis court online today for a casual game or practice. Annual adult memberships start from $160, with children, family, and student memberships also available.


For great cardiovascular health, you can’t beat tennis! Despite the common misconception that tennis is an individual sport, competitions and doubles games provide a great opportunity for social interaction and a way to challenge and improve skills. Plus, tennis promotes balance and coordination, as well as being a great sport for people of all ages and experience levels, with the option to reduce speed and take regular breaks.


Find the Caroline Springs Tennis Club within the Leisure Centre at 9-19 The Parade, Caroline Springs. For more information, visit the club’s website or contact one of their friendly staff.