Burnside Primary Students Help Design Kororoit Creek Playground!

September 2023 in Events & Local Area

When creating a brand new playground for Modeina, there’s one group you need to canvass for design input – local children!

It’s for this reason that a team from MDG Landscape Architects met with thirty Prep to Grade 6 students at Burnside Primary School for intel on what elements they would like to see in the park.

The designers began the session by sharing what a career in playground design involves, before showing the students some designs and letting them vote by placing one pink sticker each on the element they loved the most.

The session was a complete success, with strong enthusiasm and great suggestions from all involved. With the most votes of the day, a Flying Fox was deemed the winning suggestion, followed closely by a play tower with slides, musical instruments, and a lookout with binoculars.

Though not included in the initial plan for the playground, following the session, a double Flying Fox and a lookout tower with binoculars have been proposed and approved by Council. The playground will also include an all-abilities fun spinner – a favourite amongst students – and play elements that will be incorporated into the central tower.

We want to give a special thank you to all the Burnside Primary students who participated in the brainstorming sessions. The brand-new Kororoit Creek playground should be open and ready for fun in 2024.