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Modeina's making great progress

The good news just keeps on coming for Modeina. We're proud to say that construction is coming along beautifully and all ahead of schedule.

For the Kids: What to Look for In A Community

Finding the ideal community is more challenging than it looks. It’ll be where your family will make happy memories together, so it has to be the most suitable for everyone.

Homeownership Guide for Newlyweds

Right after the stressful wedding preparations, here you go again with another challenging task. That is, to find a house where you can raise a family. Many people say that this can affect how your relationship will go, so finding the most suitable home is important.

A Place to Call Home: 4 Easy Ways to Turn a House into a Home

Starting another chapter of your life in a new address is always exciting, but settling down and getting used to the new place comes with its share of roadblocks. After all, turning a house into a home is not always easy.

Ditch the City Life: Why Suburbs are Better

For any young family, choosing where to live is an important decision. After all, everything starts with having a decent home to live in. This makes it easy to understand why some families try different living options and constantly move to find the perfect place.

Right Next Door: Building A Good Relationship with Your Neighbours

Good neighbours are a lot like electricity and water; we never really know how much we need them until we don’t have them. They make our lives more interesting and they make us better people, both as individuals and as members of the community.