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For the Kids: What to Look for In A Community

Finding the ideal community is more challenging than it looks. It’ll be where your family will make happy memories together, so it has to be the most suitable for everyone.

Before signing that contract, it’s best to check the community thoroughly. It should pass your specific needs to make sure that there won’t be problems in the future. A child-friendly community, for instance, can guarantee a healthy childhood for your little one. It should have the following features:

House Design

Children are playful and accident-prone, so the house should have enough space for them to run around. This way, they won’t bump into appliances and furniture that could cause injuries. Evaluate the floor plan carefully and tell us if you want some changes to avoid spending more on renovations. We also design single-storey homes if you don’t want to deal with unfortunate incidents related to staircases.


One of the factors that make an ideal community is the location – its accessibility to educational institutions and health facilities.

Travelling to school shouldn’t take long, as you wouldn’t want to wake up your kids too early. Our community has them all, from early learning centres and kindergartens, to primary, secondary, and higher education schools, so they won’t have to sacrifice their sleeping time.

Health is wealth, as the common saying goes. Even if everyone in the family is physically fit, it’s best not to risk them when health issues arise. Our community has nearby medical centres with some of the leading healthcare professionals to help you in case of emergency.

Recreation Areas

Despite the popularity of modern gaming devices, finding a place where your children can promote physical activities is ideal. Playtime supports the social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and social development of your child. Our community offers nearby playgrounds, parks, and cycling and walking paths. We also have sporting clubs that will help your little ones find a hobby that they’ll enjoy.

Find your home sweet home in a community that provides everything your child will need. Contact us to know more about our masterplan, house and land packages, and other features.