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5 Common Neighbour Disputes (And Solutions)

Neighbour disputes are common in many tight-knit communities, and most can be easy to settle. But some cases can lead to big troubles with the authorities and the homeowners’ association.

The Noise Trouble

This is one of the leading causes of neighbour disputes around the world. Sometimes, homeowners get too loud with their late-night parties and gatherings with friends and family. While most people are willing to let go of the issue if it happens seldom, frequent cases can be a real annoyance for those who want to sleep early.

The Pet Problem

Pets may be cute and all, but they can also be a bothersome issue to deal with when you live in a community. Although some homeowners might say that the animal is hard to deal with, most cases of pet problems often involve the owner failing to discipline their pets.

The Boundary Issue

Some neighbours fail to understand the limits of their property, breeding animosity between neighbouring homes. This might stem from fencing disputes or encroachments.

The Children Conundrum

Children being loud, scampering around, and damaging your property are a big problem. This is a concern that might be rooted from the parents’ failure to look after the kids properly. If such a case leads to property damage, a neighbour may hold the parents liable.

The Eyesore Dilemma

It’s the responsibility of every homeowner to keep their property clean and presentable at all times. When there is overflowing garbage in your yard, offensive signs, or overgrown lawns, this can be a source of neighbour dispute.

Now, resolving a dispute is almost always simple: all you have to do is talk directly to your neighbour. Calmly discuss the problem and agree on a solution. Chances are your neighbour would understand where you are coming from. If this fails, you can raise the matter to the homeowners’ association and they will come up with a more suitable solution.

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