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Frequently Asked Questions

Modeina seeks to offer a unique, modern lifesty le For all residents to enjoy. The development is designed to offer a smart urban amenity supporting traditional family values. Information covering all aspects of the development are available online and at the Modeina Sales Centre. Below is a list of Frequently asked questions:

If I install the front garden myself, does the finished garden need to match the plans originally approved?

Yes. The Design Review Panel (DRP) will have reviewed !:JOUr garden plan in detail to confirm compliance with the Modeina Siting and Design Guidelines. If your modified garden does not match your approved garden plan you may be in contravention of the Modeina Siting and Design Guidelines.

Can the garden design be modified?

The garden designs are generic and will be modified to suit your property in consultation with the landscape gardener before the works commence. The landscape gardener will be happy to provide you with a quotation to carry out any additional works. We would recommend discussing this direct with them.

Can I have any design I want?

To ensure no two gardens are alike within the surrounding lots, the designs available to you will not include a design already chosen by another lot owner directly adjacent or opposite, as illustrated in the diagram to the right. If you prefer one of the eight garden designs, we encourage you to register your interest in the design with the Modeina DRP early to ensure your preferred garden design is available to you and approved by the DRP.
*Denotes the surrounding lots that cannot have the same garden design as the house shown.

What is included in the landscape maintenance works?

Front gardens will be maintained by our professional landscape team for 12 months from completion of garden installation. Maintenance of your garden includes mowing of lawn areas (including the nature strip), weeding of garden beds and pruning of shrubs. All other maintenance is excluded. It does not include works involved in the maintenance of landscaping elements provided by, or the rectification of any damage caused by, the Purchaser or its tenants, invitees, occupants or guests.

Are irrigation systems included in the Garden Package and what is involved?

The Garden Package includes a drip or sprinkler watering system to all garden beds and an irrigation connection to the front building line. This will eliminate the need to hand-water over periods of dryness, promoting healthy plant growth. The irrigation system must work off the rainwater water tank. The connection from the front building line to the tank is the responsibility of the purchaser. Please refer to the Modeina Siting and Design Guidelines for the irrigation infrastructure which the purchaser must provide prior to installation of The Garden Package. Please note water usage charges will not be paid for by the Developer.

Can I arrange for Modeina’s landscaper to install the remainder of the irrigation line to my water tank and pay them separately?

Our landscape gardener will be happy to provide you with a quotation to carry out the additional installation. Please discuss this directly with them.

Is the nature strip included in Modeina's Garden Package?

Yes. The nature strip work will be undertaken in conjunction with the front garden. After the Garden Package's 12 month maintenance period, the purchaser is responsible for maintaining the nature strips.

My block requires retaining at the front of the property. Will that affect my front garden landscaping?

Yes. All hardscape works must be completed prior to installation of The Garden Package. Any costs incurred in the construction of a retaining wall will be the purchaser's responsibility. Please note that prior to installation of The Garden Package, the purchaser must ensure there is a suitable grade across all areas where landscaping is to be installed.

Can I install a crushed rock / gravel nature strip?

No. The vision for Modeina is to achieve dynamic and lively streetscapes and therefore only grassed nature strips will be permitted.

Can we have artificial turf instead of natural grass through the Garden Package?

The Garden Package does not include artificial turf and only allows for Kikuyu, Buffalo or an approved equivalent grass. Under the Garden Package you cannot modify your garden to include artificial turf within the 12 month’s maintenance period without approval by the Modeina DRP.

I believe my block is not wide enough to install a 2nd canopy tree, can I install one instead?

No, the Modeina Siting and Design Guidelines landscape requirements have been calibrated to ensure all lots within Modeina are capable of accommodating a minimum of two canopy trees.

Are there any concerns I should be aware of when planting garden beds within 2 metres of my home?

As per above, the landscape designs have been prepared by one of Melbourne's leading Landscape Architectural firms and the pre-approved layouts and species list have been carefully selected to avoid invasive root systems. If you have any concerns, we recommend you contact your builder to ensure the footings of your home are adequately protected. If you propose to plant additional trees, the additional trees must be a minimum of 5 metres apart from each other and a minimum of 2 metres (or 3 metres where possible) from the dwelling. If you propose to plant trees with root balls likely to exceed 2 metres in diameter, please consult your builder before planting (and also before the building plans are finalised, where possible) to ensure the footings of your home are adequately protected.

When will the garden be completed?

Once all prerequisite works are complete and the DRP has been notified, garden installation works including consultation with the landscape gardener will take approximately two months to complete from commencement of works, except between December and February.